Welcome to Soully Created

Soully Created offers a diverse set of products and services ranging from all natural products, including ear candles, and a amazing collection of unique and beautiful fashion items and bags, however we also offer some wonderful holistic courses helping you find the peace in your life and share it with others. Our courses include Reiki to Ear Candling; to just helping you integrate your mind, body and spirit.

Please have a look around, and we away are happy to hear from you. So any questions or comments you are welcome to contact us.

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Hemp Products

Many of our products take full advantage of the positive qualities of the hemp plant, from the exceptional quality of the fibre to the superior nutritional qualities of hempseeds and hempseed oil. We invite you to discover the benefits that hemp can bring to your life.

Products and Services

Soully Created offers both products and therapies in the US and Canada. This includes reiki, and more specialized holistic therapies. Our product line does include a selection of all natural products, hemp products, beeswax candles, healing stones, crystals, vitimans, herbs, skin care, essential oils and much more.